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There are few things in life better than the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee beans. Their full-bodied, roasted aroma, coupled with the subtle undertones of wood, cocoa or vanilla, is a sure fire way to get you up and at ‘em in the morning. However, purchasing a cup of perfectly brewed coffee from your local barista can end up costing you a small fortune.

But, imagine being able to enjoy top quality coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen. @Home is a proud stockist of the Espresto Wave, an appliance which makes a big difference to your love for coffee.

In fact, we’ve compiled a list of a few reasons why we think the Espresto Wave is our perfect match.

It’s Easy to Maintain   _BCW4064

The compact size, trendy colours and practicality of the Espresto Wave make it near impossible not to fall in love with. Not only does it produce tantalising java at the push of a button, but it’s also a beautiful addition to your home or work space.

Best of all, cleaning the machine is a breeze. No more complicated attachments or coffee grounds all over the place. You simply purchase cleansing pods and solutions that run through the unit, ridding it of lime scale build-up, coffee residue and giving it a thorough rinse in the process.


Ever so User Friendly

18016564This machine is so easy to operate and gives users the chance to explore their taste buds and barista skills. Simply place your mug under the spout and put your favourite flavour pod in the top compartment. Then hit the button that applies to your pod, for instance, Lungo pods are long shots (fill up the cup) and Espresso pods are shorter.

After a few seconds, the pod is pierced and hot water runs through it, filling your mug with perfectly brewed coffee. Detachable milk frothers are also available, which involve pushing a button and waiting for your milk to be perfectly warmed through and whisked to dreamy, creamy foam.

An Exciting Range of Flavours

Gone are the days of tinned chicory blends. You can now have barista quality coffee, whenever you want, in the comfort of your home. Best of all, you can chop and change what flavour you have to suit your mood or simply find your perfect Espresto Match. Best of all, they’re available at different intensity levels, which determine a pods:

  • Roasting heat and bitterness
  • Fine or coarse ground of the beans
  • Aroma and body
  • Amount of coffee per pod
  • Caffeine level

05There are an array of choices available in espresso and lungo shots, such as:

  • Ritmo – This blend comprises of beans sourced from South America and Asia. The spicy, wooded flavoured roast with an intensity of 5, makes it perfectly balanced pod, ideal for a midday pick-me-up.
  • Passionato – An Arabica bean espresso shot with a heavy roasted aroma and sweet undertones in taste. With an intensity rating of 7, this coffee is delicious when mixed with milk as a latte or cappuccino.
  • Furioso – A combination of Robusta and Arabica beans, this full bodied espresso coffee is ideal to get the day started. As it’s rated an 8 on the intensity scale, this pod best served on its own to really take advantage of the flavours.

There are even specialty pods available, to give you a pick-me-up when you feel like something different:

  • Chai latte – Traces of cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and allspice are found in these tea pods to deliver a creamy, spicy flavour.
  • Milk – For those of you who hate dealing with frothers, these milk pods add the same creaminess of milk without the fuss.
  • Chocolatte – A blend of fair trade cocoa beans for a blissful mocha java taste, ideal to satisfy even the strongest of chocolate cravings.


Whether you prefer a brightly coloured machine and full bodied roasts, or a plain black unit for your exciting blends, @home and Espresto have a match for you.

Find your perfect #EsprestoMatch here. You could win a white Espresto Wave to the value of R1999, plus an array of pods.

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