_BCW3364Starting out a new year at university or college is an exciting, daunting and jam-packed time of your life. There is so much possibility ahead, new friends, parties and of course, it’s only a few months until a super long holiday! With all this to look forward to, it’s easy to overlook the basic, practical stuff… like having a quiet, peaceful space to study and creating a room that makes you feel at home.

So whether you are moving into a res, or just have a new digs room this year, we have chosen 20 essential items that you’ll need to make your space suit your style and your budget.

Your number one priority is to have a space to work and hang out that is free from clutter and mess. If your res room doesn’t come with a built in desk, this nifty Alto desk will be perfect for any small space. The light colours will blend in, giving the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. There is also plenty of room to store files, photos and trinkets that you’ve brought from home.

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The last thing you want to do when you get back from a long day at uni is to fold up clothes and put them in the cupboard. This handy mirror and hanging storage combo is perfect for those days when you wake up late and have to grab the closest outfit and go. It’s also super slim, so it will fit in any room with ease.

Now for the bed, arguably the second most important thing in the room, because it’s just as important to be well-rested as it is to study hard, right? Keep it neat with this simple bed base cover and plain linen with a bit of warmth, or go with a patterned option for a more masculine finish. Add a few scatter cushions for a pop of colour, like this bright peacock themed one, opt for a more versatile multi-coloured option or pick something fun to inspire you on a daily basis.


Next you need the necessities, a functional beside/ desk lamp for late night studying, this stylish wall clock to ensure you don’t miss anything important, a laundry basket for storing dirty clothes until you take them home for mum to wash (or venture to the res laundry room) and make sure you have a stack of clean towels so you have a few back ups. Add these easy to stack storage boxes to hide all those extra textbooks or your shoe collection when you’re not using them.

Now comes the fun part, you’ll need a kettle for that late night coffee boost – we like this bright red vintage style one, but if retro is more your style, go for the neutral coloured Smeg. Then you’ll need some mugs, a water carafe and nice glasses to ensure yours is the chosen room for socialising. More importantly, you’ll definitely need this bottle opener for wine and chats with your friends.

Lastly, add the finishing touches like canvases for the walls, somewhere to hang your photos and memories, a jewellery stand and a make-up mirror in silver or rose gold. Don’t forget to add a hint of green in a tasteful pot plant holder and throw down a rug on the floor in case the winter nights get chilly – a plain one or something with a pattern.

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Whatever you decide, make sure you fit the room with things you love and be proud of your space because it describes you. Send us a photo of your new room or tag us on Instagram.

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