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Sleep is not only one of the most important ways to rest and revitalise our bodies and minds but it is also one of life’s greatest pleasures, especially when you get to sleep wrapped up in the most luxurious bedding, surrounded by all the the things you love the most.

Create your ultimate sleep sanctuary by following these 5 simple steps:

Know your bed linen

There is definitely something to be said for premium quality bed linen. You can feel the difference right away. Be sure to choose only the finest 100% cottons for your every day linen. Go one step better and choose Egyptian cotton, made from the finest cotton fibres for extra softness and durability.

Support your sleep with a great foundation

Want to wake up feeling fresh and energised everyday? The quickest fix is to change your mattress to one that provides the best support for you and your own unique sleep style. @home’s range of mattresses are all made for comfort and optimum support with options to cover individual needs such as a stronger frame for every day use or an added pillowtop option for those who prefer great support with an extra layer of softness. Add to this luxury down or microfibre duvet inners for all seasons, firm yet comfy pillows and a heated blankets for extra cosiness night after night.

Select only the best bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture goes beyond just the bed and extends to your dresser, bedroom storage, bedside pedestals and perhaps even a beautiful bedroom chair to curl up in. If you have a base and mattress set rather than a bed, add a headboard to that to make a beautiful style statement. Some considerations when choosing furniture for your sleep space are how much storage space do you need, what do you want to put on display and what kind of materials and fabrics will live well with the rest of your furniture or accessories. For instance, velvet looks great as a complement to any other material and is very hardwearing, perfect for furniture you will likely be using every day.

Add your unique touch

This part of your bedroom could be a work in progress or you may want to do a complete style overhaul. Add the finishing touches with beautiful and large statement mirrors, ambient lighting, a considered carpet and opulent new block out curtains in winter, or a lovely light sheer curtain for summer and the months in between.

Elevate your en suite experience

Continue the sanctuary experience all the way to your bathroom or en suite. Lock in that feeling of luxury and comfort with a warm and inviting fragrance diffuser, plush yet absorbent towels, a soft bathmat, considered bathroom accessories to accentuate your style and even a wonderfully snuggly bathrobe to make full use of your sleep sanctuary experience.

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